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Penuhi Ku

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Key: E

B11     E    B/D#  C#m     Bm7
S'perti rusa rindu sungaiMu
E/G#  A     E/G#  F#m7 B
Begi- tulah jiwa- ku
        E     B/D#  C#m E/B   A
Ya, Roh Kudus penu- hi  a- ku
E/G#   F#m B11  B   E
Dengan ura-pan    baru

  E    B/E   A/E   E
Penuhi ku, penuhi  ku
       A  B11  E  B11
Dengan ha-diratMu
 E    B/E   A/E   E
Urapi ku,  urapi  ku
       A  F#m  B11  B    Esus  E
dengan mi-nyak ku  -  dusMu

Surround Me

As the deer pant for the water
So my soul thirst after You
Holy Spirit come nad touch me now
With Your mighty power on me

Reff :
Surround me surround me
With Your presence Lord
Anoint me anoint me
With Your precious oil on me
Submitted by admin on 1 January, 1970 - 07:00