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Lord I Lift Your Name On High

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Key: G

G        C2                D   C  C/D
  Lord I lift Your name on high
G        C2                D       C
  Lord I love to sing Your praises
G        C                 D   C  C/D
  I'm so glad You're in my life
G        C                Dsus  D  C/D   D
  I'm so glad You came to save  us

G               C          D
  You came from heaven to earth
     C         G
  to show the way
           C             D
  From the earth to the cross
     C        G
  My debt to pay
            Am7          D
  From the cross to the grave
            Em7  G/B    Am7
  From the grave to the sky
         Dsus      D    C/D   G
  Lord I lift Your name on    high
Submitted by admin on 1 January, 1970 - 07:00